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Burenda Roma Angus Bull Sale 11am 29th August 2018

124 Powerfull EBV supported Burenda Angus Bulls on offer at our annual Roma bull sale. Click Here for a online Roma catalogue and click Weights & Scanning for weights, scanning, semen and morphology results.

102 2 year olds on offer and 24 18 month old Angus bulls. Genetically and environmentally we believe these are some of Queenslands best bulls on offer. 

Burenda will offer for the first time 19 PA Full Power 1208 sons. These progeny have excelled for us with the ideal docility, clean coat, easy doing ability and excellent EBV's. 13 of these 19 sons were used after our spring AI in 2017 as 16 month old bulls. They held up well in the short joining period and the dry. Lot 3 Burenda Mazerunner M274 (AI) is a stand out lot for all of the traits we at Burenda look for. He has just recently finished a joining to our autumn cows in mid July. 

Other sires with progeny in the sale are -

- 11 Pathfinder Genesis G357 - we used Gensis to improve growth, fertility, EMA, IMF & docility.  

- 6 Var Reserve - we used as an outcross for calving ease, gestation, birth weight and EMA.

- 8 Te Mania Emperor E343 - a regular in our herd as he has been a consistent and reliable performer over time. Outstanding calving ease, gestation, growth, fertility, rib & rump fats and top IMF.

- 8 Ayrvale Hercules H9 - hard to go past with the perfect calving ease, gestation, birth weight, growth, fertility, EMA, IMF & docility.

- 8 Lawsons Incredible H803 - a sire that has improved calving ease, gestation, birthweight, growth, fertility, carcase weight, EMA & IMF.

Other sires with sons in the sale include -

- Ayrvale Bartel E7

- Cherylton Stewie D19

- Texas Mount K2

- Rennylea Edmund E11

- Prime Juggernaut

- Burenda Killifish K298

- Burenda Hauki H40


The EBV's of all bulls are some of the best we have bred to date with -

66% are ideal for heifers based on gestation length and calving ease.

68% are in the top 30% for 200, 400 & 600 day growth.

68% are in the top 30% for IMF.

84% are in the top 30% for Angus Breeding.

76% are in the top 30% for Domestic.

81% are in the top 30% for Heavy Grain & Heavy Grass.

Agents are GDL.

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