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Burenda Clermont Angus and Brangus Bull Sale 10am 4th October 2018

40 Top two year old Angus bulls and 30 Burenda Black bulls on offer.

The 30 Burenda Black bulls currently weigh in at 650kg at 17 months of age with the top growth sire clocking in at 840kg. 

The 40 Angus bulls range from a healthy 600 to 750kg.


The EBV's of all bulls are some of the best we have bred to date with -

- 66% are ideal for heifers based on gestation length and calving ease.

- 68% are in the top 30% for 200, 400 & 600 day growth.

- 68% are in the top 30% for IMF.

- 84% are in the top 30% for Angus Breeding.

- 76% are in the top 30% for Domestic.

- 81% are in the top 30% for Heavy Grain & Heavy Grass.


Agents are H&W Clermont.


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