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Happy New Year 2019

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Happy New Year from the Burenda Team for 2019. 

Burenda Angus & Brangus would like to thank you all for your support throughout the 2018 year and that 2019 may bring us more rain and a prosperous year.

Some of this year’s highlights are -


Burenda Roma Angus Bull Sale 29th August 2018 – 100% clearance with 116/116 sold for a top twice of $16500 to average $9512.

  • Top priced bull Lot 19 Burenda Maestro M249 will have progeny at our Roma & Clermont 2020 & 2021 sales.



Burenda Clermont Angus & Brangus Bull Sale 4th October 2018 – 100% clearance with 60/60 bulls selling for a top of $15000 to average $7266.


2018 Spring AI 

As usual leading up to Xmas in 2018 was very busy with the last of the bull sales and the start of the sale of new season bulls and the 1600 head of Burenda females to AI. A fixed time AI program was run over four weeks with the Angus & Brangus breeders. We were fortunate to recieve some rain in early October which set the breeders on a forward plain of nutrition for the program. Previous to this rain it had been particularly dry at "Dalby Downs" with over 35t of silage and hay ration put out each day for maintenance of the calving cows. This seemed costly at the time but with a successful AI progam completed with what appeared to be numerous cycling females then it was well worth it. This was followed up by our yearling bulls for a 6 - 8 week joining period including the AI program. 

The breeders are all currently running on several agisment properties on the Western Downs in a commercial environment with nutritional challenges. These females are run on a commercial basis with set joining periods, set pregnancy testing dates, tight calving periods with the expectations to rare a calf and get back in calf every year. Empty females are sold along with surplus ptic breeders. 

Some of the Australian & American  Angus AI sires are –

  • Te Mania Garth                                        
  • Te Mania Emperor
  • Raff Jovial J350                                       
  • Millah Murrah Might & Power
  • Path Finder Genesis                               
  • Granite Ridge Kaiser
  • Var Foreman                                             
  • Gar Proactive
  • Gar Fail Safe                                              
  • Baldridge Command
  • Baldridge Beast Mode                           
  • PA Full Power
  • Rennylea L508                                          
  • Rennylea N432


The reliable Burenda AI sires used are –

  • Burenda Hauki H40                                 
  • Burenda Go Between G23
  • Burenda Ladd L189                                 
  • Burenda Latchkey L158


New Burenda AI sires used are –

  • Burenda Machine M239                       
  • Burenda Maestro M249
  • Burenda Maroon M185
  • We have claves at foot to these three sires now and anticipate some easy doing, thick docile progeny supported by top EBV’s.


Some of the Brangus AI sires used are –

  • New Vision of Salacoa                           
  • Suhns New Concept
  • Hannibal of Brinks                                   
  • Brinks of Salacoa
  • Oaklands Geronimo                               
  • Telpara Hills Gladstone
  • CRC Guardian                                           
  • Big Cypress of Salacoa
  • Brinks of Arabella                                    
  • CRC North Star
  • Atlanta of Salacoa                                       
  • Burenda Geiger J952
  • Burenda Kenson K850 (domestic semen available for sale)

Save the dates - 2019


  • Blackall Black Stump Bull Sale 19th March 2019 – 22 Angus and 4 Burenda Blacks on offer.


  • ReproActive Darling Downs 28th February 2019 - Zoetis Australia will be holding a field day from 9.00am to 2.30pm at Dalby Downs, 203 Square Top Rd, Kaimkillenbun. The speakers on the day will be Dr Paul Cusack, ALPS and Dr Lee Taylor, Zoetis. Both speakers will be covering weaner drive efficency and longlife heifer productivity using critical weights. All are welcome, the cost is $20pp and will be donated to the local community/charity. For more information  contact Pat O'Neill 0409718587 or Jonathan Schmidt 0429067313


  • Open Day 6th August 2019 – all sale bulls and 600 plus breeders on display – 8am to 3pm – smoko & lunch provided.


  • Burenda Roma Angus Bull Sale 28th August 2019 – 120 power full EBV bulls on offer.


  • Burenda Clermont Angus & Brangus Bull Sale 3rd October 2019 – 40 Angus Bulls and 35 Burenda Blacks.


For Sale –

  • 15 - 17 month old Paddock Angus and Burenda Black Bulls priced from $3000 to $5000 +gst.
  • PTIC Heifers & Cows for sale from 30th March 2019

For enquiries please contact Jonathan on 0429067313 or