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Fixed Time AI & Burenda Fertility

Updated about 5 years ago
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Burenda currently runs around 800 registered Angus breeders and 150 registered Brangus breeders in Queensland.   Over the last 20 years at “Burenda” and now “Dalby Downs” we have made good gains on fertility and progeny performance by being tough on fertility and temperament.  Both these traits are directly related to performance in the herd and there is no doubt that the Burenda herd has benefited by the high standards we set ourselves for these two traits.  The Burenda females are AI’d once only (fixed time AI) and have 4 - 6 weeks joining followed by pregnancy testing 40 days after bull removal.  Empty females are fattened and sold direct to works.  This hard line commercial approach regardless of the seasonal conditions at joining time has produced a herd of very fertile females.  Around 80% of these females are 6 years and younger and we are finding these cows have the improvements of fertility (reliable ACI’s), calving ease, growth and carcase traits we are looking for.  The combination of improvements in fertility, EBV’s and raw data performance within the Burenda herd has led to improved profitability through attention to these genetics.

105 Spring QBUK Angus heifers calved to the fixed time AI due on the 28.7.2016 with all calves born prior to the due date except for 2.  Selection for short gestation with below average birth weight sires over our heifers  each year has led to hassle free calving's.  Picture of QBUK heifers and calves.  Go to the gallery to view more pictures.