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Burenda Sired Progeny perform at the Clermont Beef Expo 2019

Updated over 1 year ago
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Clermont Beef Expo 2019 - Burenda wins the 100 day Grain Fed Jap Bullock Class and the Sally Taylor Memorial Trophy (Supreme Champion Beast of the Expo) with a pen of Angus x Braford steers bred by the Anderson Family of "Narrien" Clermont.

These steers were bred from a fertile herd of yearling joined Braford heifers to Burenda Angus Bulls with ideal EBV's for calving ease, short gestation, low birth weight and outstanding Market Selection Index Values.

Burenda purchased the steers at the Clermont Show Sale in May and they were back grounded until entry into the Paringa Feedlot in July.

The steers put on 2.51kg/day whilst in the Paringa Feedlot and finished with an average weight of 714kg and realized a price of $3.48/kg. A thank you to Teys Australia for purchasing the pen of 10 Bullocks.

A Thank you to Hoch & Wilkinson and Clermont Agencies (CRT) for putting on such a great day.