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Updated about 7 years ago
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This might be an unusual introduction to a Bull Sale but let me tell you a story that might be loosely described as a Love Story that has lasted 3 years.

About 3 years and 2 months ago we planned the matings which resulted in producing the bulls that are being offered  for sale at Roma on 27 August 2014.

Three months before joining we assess the predicted matings for all our females utilising a full range of top AI Sires from North America and Australasia together with our own sires.They provide the basis of our AI programs which commence in October.

Nine months late in July the heifers commence calving followed by the cows with just about  every  calf on the ground by the end of September.  Fertility is of paramount importance in our herd as evidenced by a 93% pregnancy rate in 2013/14.

Jonathan in his role of midwife watched over them carefully needing to give birthing assistance to an isolated half dozen or so.  He weighed and tagged every calf on the day it was born and by the time he was approaching his five hundred and fiftieth calf (including 150 autumn calves born February/March) he had well and truly earned his midwifery stripes !!

Then followed a year of husbandry procedures including:- needling, weaning, educating, culling, freeze branding regular weighing, scanning drafting into separate mobs and most importantly providing them with a balanced diet.  This entailed weaning onto oats followed by a summer grazing of leucaena and improved pasture.  Gaps between these feeds was supplemented by forage  sorghum silage with cotton seed to provide the protein .  The aim was to achieve a growth          of over 1kg per day for the whole of their lives.  They received a bit of a setback this year with the drought conditions but the average weight of the 2 year old bulls coming through the ring today is over 835kgs or 1.1kg per day.The weights range from  730 kg to 968kg

They have spent about three months on dryland oats as their Sale preparation (with some silage) and have averaged about  1.97kgs per day with some outstanding individual performances up to  2.8kgs

They have been through the indignity of being semen tested, scrotally measured, scanned for rib and rump fat.  They proudly exhibit all these measurements on the supplementary sheet for your consideration.

Finally a haircut and trim; a shampoo wash and then the road journey to the Roma Saleyards.  As Jonathan farewells them out of the Ring on 27 August he knows their lives have been well planned ;their upbringing well nurtured; their feed requirements adequately provided and their presentation honestly and conscientiously completed.

And now to the end of that 3 year Love Affair .All the Burenda Team hope that bulls will travel safely to their new homes and perform to the expectations shown by their promise at the Burenda Angus Stud.