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2013 Autumn Update

Updated about 8 years ago
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A decision was taken during 2012 to establish more leucaena and grass on some of the lighter cultivation country.  An area of about 400 acres (160 ha) was identified and Taramba leucaena seed was planted in the last week of October 2012.   The seed had been harvested the previous year from one of our older stands and was planted at 4.1kg ha in twin rows 1 metre apart and about 5 metres between the twin rows.  Seed was treated with inoculant and Cosmos (insect control) and band sprayed for a width of 4 metres over the rows with Spinnaker (weed control).

A grass mixture consisting of purple pigeon, katamboora and Tolga Rhodes, buffel and bambasti together with some mixed medics was planted in late January on good moisture between the leucaena rows.  We harvest up to 10 tons of this grass seed mixture most years for our own use and plant it reasonably heavily as the germination rate is an unknown factor.  Some old panorama millet seed with some silo damage was included this year.This was followed by 125mm of good soaking rain over four days.   A further 240 mm fell during February and a final 75mm on 1 March which resulted in serious flooding.  Fortunately there were no stock losses but we suffered considerable fence damage with flood waters   over 1 metre deep in some paddocks.  One upstream neighbour had 150mm in 3 hours.

Oats (Drover and Reil) was planted in February on about 330 acres (132 ha) of paddocks interspersed between the leucaena paddocks at the rate of 32kg ha. A further adjacent paddock of Ranger Forage barley will be planted in April.

The photos tell the story and of how the leucaena and grass survived and then grew and grew and grew!