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About Burenda Angus

The origins of Burenda Angus began in the Augathella district, where the Peden and Thiess families operated Burenda Holdings in the 1990's. When the Augathella properties were sold the stud relocated to Dalby Downs just north of Kaimkillenbun. The rolling inner downs country that characterises the area provides the perfect venue to wean bulls onto oats, grow them out on pasture and leucaena before going to work in the commercial producers environment.

We run an extensive AI and ET program with more than 600 Angus breeders joined or used as recipients this year, with most cows to be AI'd. We recently have been utilising semen from a large variety of sires both Australian and American. Some US sires such as S Chisum, PA Power Tool 9108, Exar Upshot, Hoover Dam, Sydgen CC&7, and Var Reserve will have a positive impact on our herd. We have already seen some good results from the use of SAV Heavy Hitter. A son Burenda Just As Good J628 has been used in a select group of cows this spring after AI and we expect some soft, long progeny with grunt from this mating next year. Other Australian sires in use are Ayrvale Hercules H9, Ayrvale Bartel E7, Te Mania Emperor E343 and limited use of Ardrossan Admiral A2 over select cows.

The biggest impact by far on both our angus and brangus stud herds has come from the use of our best yearling bulls after AI each year. We have retained some of these bulls for further use and have noticed a huge lift in the EBV's and quality of the natural born calves after AI by doing this. Some of these sires include Burenda Geiger Counter G49, Burenda Go Between G23, Burenda Haiku H40, and Burenda Jaunty J74. Burenda Geiger Counter and Burenda Hammerhead H73 have given us some terrific brangus offspring that will be sold in the Clermont 2015/16 bulls sales as Burenda Blacks.

Our females are characterised by moderate frame size with excellent fertility and mothering ability. Our fertility has been a priority for some time now and we now have proven females with tight calving intervals. Our program of genetic selection is geared towards developing quality weaners that will grow through and meet a number of market specifications.

When it comes to our sale bulls, we are looking to deliver powerful fertile sires that will provide our clients herds with the improvements in fertility, marbling and meat quality that they are looking for.

To discuss any aspect of the Burenda Angus operation, please contact our manager Jonathan Schmidt.

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Thick powerful fertile Burenda sires and moderate meaty fertile Burenda females.

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